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Dunaways's Archive

Dunaway’s Archive


Dunaway’s Archive contains the last of Mike’s personal video footage. It shows Mike from the early 80’s through the 90’s, including the earliest known footage of him working with Mike Austin in a 1981 practice session in Las Vegas when he was 26 years old. This 40 minute trip back through time includes Mike Austin taking some swings at 70 years old, a never seen backyard lesson between the two, as well as a solo lesson presented by Mike with him still swinging it great!

It is available to be streamed instantly over the Internet for only $59.99

Dunaway's My Last Lesson

My Last Lesson


More than 20 years ago, Mike Dunaway and Mike Austin got together to do what they did best…talk about the golf swing.

This dated footage is from Mike Dunaway’s personal collection. The video starts with a sit down discussion covering topics ranging from the action of the wrists in releasing the club head, to Hogan’s “secret”, to a two decades old prediction regarding Tiger Wood’s back.  The second half of the session is a backyard swing lesson that covers key techniques, and shows the respect, admiration, and friendship these men shared for each other.

It is the last recorded instructional session between these two greats.

It is available to be streamed instantly over the Internet for only $49.99

Dunaway's Escape Force Motion

Escape Force Motion


Mike Dunaway, “The Legend of Long Drive” and recognized by many as the greatest driver of the golf ball ever, has released “Escape Force Motion: The One Thought Golf Swing.” This instructional system provides a comprehensive understanding of Dunaway’s unique perspectives on the golf swing never before released to the golfing world. Released January 2014.

It is available to be streamed instantly over the Internet for only $49.99.

“You’re watching the best golf swing in the history of long driving.”

Art Sellinger
2x National Long Drive Champion
Owner, Long Drivers of America
Producer of the REMAX World Long Drive Championships

Dunaway's World's Best Driver

Worlds Best Driver


In World’s Best Driver, Mike Dunaway provides a thorough review of his techniques learned through the famed Mike Austin and used to becoming the greatest driver of the golf ball in history. This acclaimed instructional video provides detailed insight not only into the specifics of “power driving”, but also on the accuracy components of the golf swing that made Dunaway as accurate as he was long. This video is an absolute must for those looking to understand the distance and accuracy secrets of the “Legend of Long Drive”, Mike Dunaway, and his mentor, Mike Austin. Released September 2004

It is now available to be streamed instantly over the Internet on any device for only $39.99

“Simply the best presentation of the power-golf swing ever on DVD.”

John Andrisani
Former Senior Editor of Golf Magazine
Author of Tiger Woods’, Seve Ballesteros’, Jim Hardy’s and Jim McLean’s golf instructional books.

Dunaway's Best Lesson Ever

My Best Lesson Ever


In 2010, Mike Dunaway self-filmed what he considers “my best lesson ever”. He woke up earlier than usual on a perfect Arkansas morning, and spur of the moment decided to capture on tape his understanding of the golf swing in its’ most simple form “in case something happens to me”. Mike ran into serious health problems just weeks later. During his recovery, this tape was misplaced and thought lost. This footage resurfaced just shortly after the release of Escape Force Motion in March of 2014. Mike was so excited he wanted to make it available, as it is his “original” perspective on escape force, and contains special coaching points not included in the release of Escape Force Motion.

It is now available to be streamed instantly over the Internet on any device for only $49.99.

“Mike Dunaway is the best teacher on the Callaway staff.”
Ely Callaway
Founder, Callaway Golf Company

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