In MumbleShed, The Don't's

Last week I was on a golf trip to Belek, Turkey. On Wednesday our group played a competition on The Pasha Course at Antalya Golf Club. I had a great start. After seven holes I was even par with 7 GIR’s (one birdie and one three put bogey). On the par-5 8th hole I was on the fringe with three shots but unfortunately I had a bogey. And yet another bogey on the 9th hole. So the score on the front nine was +2 which is great for a 8-handicapper like me. I was full of confidence and felt like scoring under 80.

On the back nine I continued pretty good play being +6 after 15 hole. The 16th hole is 370 yard par 4. I had a bad drive which left me about 190 yard second shot to the green which was guarded by a bunker in front of the green and water hazard behind the green. Having played so good scores the first 15 holes I decided to play smart golf. So I made a lay-up stroke to a spot 80 yards in front of the green. It was on a perfect place to have an almost full sand wedge approach to the pin. But somehow I topped it into the bunker. The sand in this bunker was very soft and difficult to play. With the first attempt I had too much sand so the ball didn’t come up. On the second attempt I took less sand so the ball came up beautifully – but unfortunately a couple of yards too long. It went just over the green and rolled down into the water. Lucky me, it stopped so that only half of the ball was in the water. I put my waterproof pants and sweater on and played from the water. It came up with a really beautiful shot to the green – but again a couple of yards too long and back into the same bunker where I had been. Damn! A few bad shots more and I had 11 strokes on the par-4 16th hole ending to a total score of 87.

I love this game of Golf – it keeps You humble! But most of all this incident thought me again that you have to focus only to the stroke you are facing. Don’t count the score on the course – do it after the round at the clubhouse!

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