First Time Out

 In MumbleShed, The Don't's

First time learning this swing I called my buddy s out to the range all winter learning the pivot learn in the hand motion I hit the first half bucket and man I am ripping it I can’t get enough so I look at my friend and asked if he wanted to do nine he agreed and I get to the first tee about a group of 4 and 2 waiting to tee off I do the waggle I go and the whole time I tell my friend I’m going to kill it I set up waggle again and we it every thing in me I tense up ball goes 5 feet Cody says to me Eddie slow down soft hands up too tense I grab the ball I tee up I waggle think I no Eddie soft hands pivot soft hands I take it back last thin b I know is my driver ended 40 yards down the far way ball fell off the tee

I learned to things that day one never change what you’re doing stick to what you know second tempo I have been fighting this keep in tempo slow it down work on rhythm 1 2 3 and smile life is full of bad first holes.

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