Let Your Hands Go

 In Chokes, MumbleShed

I recently spent last few months working on a fully release of my hands in my swing. As I’ve transitioned into the Austin swing, I’ve been slowly transforming from a body swinger with no hand action to an (hopefully one day) Austin swinger with a great pivot and a full release of the hands. During these months, I would tape myself at the range and hit balls. I could slowly see my pivot getting better, but my hands stayed the same. The best example of this is the “famous” swing sequence of Mike wearing the flammer and at 3 frames past “impact” (even though he didn’t hit an actual ball in this sequence) the club is basically a 90 degree angle from his extended arms. At 3 frames past impact for me, the club was at a 0 degree angle from my extended arms. Looked like one big straight line. Talk about the mumbleshed. This went on for months, at least 30+ range sessions. I could make it happen on film with a practice swing, but once the ball got there, forget it.

I finally realized that when I swung very slowly with the ball there, I could get to that 90 degree angle at 3 frames past impact AND hit the ball. What a day that was! Since then, I’ve just been working on slowly adding speed. Not perfect, but I am on my way…….but for those few months, I was completely stuck in the mumbleshed!

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