In Competition Meltdowns, MumbleShed

I am playing the 18th hole in a Rancho Park Men’s Club tournament. I hit a mediocre drive into the right rough and pull out a six iron to lay up on the par five. There is some ground under repair near my landing spot but I am not too worried about it because the GUR is a comfortable distance to the green and I get a free drop. I take my stance and hit what I thought was a good shot. I even see the ball bounce and roll I’m feeling pretty good about myself as I walk to where the ball should be but when I get there the danged rubber demon is no where to be found. There are dozens of range balls all around but my ball has completely disappeared from the face of the earth. I look for four minutes or so and then head back to the spot of the previous shot add one and play on. I did manage to make a double but I would like to know where that ball wound up.

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