Mike’s interest was for to be a permanent home for his legacy, one that reflects his love for the game of golf and instruction. Throughout his storied career, he always gave thanks to his teacher and mentor, Mike Austin, who he described as “the most knowledgeable person, ever, in regards to the golf swing.” Mike’s wishes were to have a special area on his site to capture the one-of-a-kind relationship he had with his friend and teacher.

The following videos are from Mike’s personal footage of lessons he had with Mike Austin. Please note before purchasing that the footage is decades old and not professionally produced—audio is low in places but still discernible, and at times, Mike’s camera work is slightly out of frame. But he wanted his fans to have first-hand access to the footage because he believed so strongly in the content and techniques revealed.

Mike had a genuine passion to fundamentally change the way the golf swing is instructed, and to continue to help golfers improve, even posthumously—proceeds are in care of his daughters.

Vintage Dunaway/Austin

Dunaway’s Archive

Dunaway’s Archive contains the last of Mike’s personal video footage. It shows Mike from the early 80’s through the 90’s, including the earliest known footage of him working with Mike Austin in a 1981 practice session in Las Vegas when he was 26 years old. This 40 minute trip back through time includes Mike Austin taking some swings at 70 years old, a never seen backyard lesson between the two, as well as a solo lesson presented by Mike with him still swinging it great!


My Last Lesson

More than 20 years ago, Mike Dunaway and Mike Austin got together to do what they did best…talk about the golf swing.

This dated footage is from Mike Dunaway’s personal collection. The video starts with a sit down discussion covering topics ranging from the action of the wrists in releasing the club head, to Hogan’s “secret”, to a two decades old prediction regarding Tiger Wood’s back. The second half of the session is a backyard swing lesson that covers key techniques, and shows the respect, admiration, and friendship these men shared for each other.

It is the last recorded instructional session between these two greats.

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